Uttar Pradesh: Protests at Jauhar University over note pasted on wall

Medical students at the Mohammad Ali Jauhar University in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur staged protests after a team of Uttar Pradesh Medical Education and Training officials passed a notice on a wall inside the varsity premises.

Uttar Pradesh: Protests at Jauhar University over note pasted on wall 1
The group visited the college on Monday for mandatory inspection before issuing a No-Objection Certificate. But they determined the college was locked.
The observer stated: “On commands of the Director-General of Medical Education and Training, a five-member team visited the Jauhar Institute of Medical Science, Rampur, for an inspection to release a certificate for the creation of the clinical university. Since the campus, clinic, and registrar workplace was closed, and no team of workers became present, the awareness is being passed.”
Soon after the notice was passed, many students gathered on the university campus and staged protests.

The college students stated that the authorities became “harassing college students and a group of workers and hampering academic paintings.”
Gulrez, a student, said: “It has been nearly a month since officers swooped down on the Jauhar University. We are here to study and not play political video games.”
The protests also continued on Tuesday.
Several complaints had been lodged against Samajwadi Party MP Mohd Azam Khan, the university’s chancellor.
Khan has been charged with land grabbing, stealing books from the ‘Aaliya Madarsa’ and lion statues from the Rampur Club.

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