Sharda University ignites young minds via informative Internship

New Delhi: The Physics Department of Sharda University prepared a 5-day DST INSPIRE Internship Science Camp” sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (Govt. Of India) from 29th July to 2d August. Dr. Meenal Gupta changed into the coordinator of the occasion. The camp engaged greater than one hundred thirty Class XI college students from various faculties in and across the NCR vicinity. The center is geared toward inspiring younger minds with several informative and interactive classes through esteemed DST mentors in the morning and palms-on laboratory classes in Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Mathematics, and Environmental Science in the afternoon.

Sharda University ignites young minds via informative Internship 1
Prof. SBS Mishra, NIT Jalandhar, turned into one of the camp mentors who got here on the first day. Other Sharda University dignitaries present protected Prof. GRC Reddy (Vice-Chancellor), Prof. RP Agrawal (Chief Advisor), Prof. HS Gaur (Dean of School of Basic Sciences and Research), Prof. PK Singh (HOD Physics) & Dr. Meenal Gupta (Physics Dept, Organizer of DST technological know-how camp).

Addressing the scholars, Prof. GRC Reddy, Vice-Chancellor of Sharda University, stated, “India had an incredible record in technological know-how, and with all our efforts, we will take a giant soar soon. The students must focus on the ‘How and Why’ of factors instead of simply focusing on rote mastering. In the twenty-first century, the pecking order of nations could not be determined with the aid of their military or financial energy, but by their know-how electricity.”

DST Mentor Prof. SBS Mishra said, “RC Feynman once wrote a scientific paper titled “There are masses of room at the bottom, ” leading to scientists growing smaller and smaller gadgets to store data leading up to today’s nanotechnology revolution.” Next changed into communication on rising developments in laptop technological know-how consisting of synthetic intelligence, information science, and virtual fact through Dr. B.B. Sagar, CS, BIT Noida.
Bioinformatics, Mathematics was in consciousness on the second day. It protected lectures from mentors of Dr. Latha Narayanan, Shri Venkateshwara College, DU, who shared her insights on numerous regions inside biology and informatics and pointed out exciting streams, including protein modeling and genomics, laptop-aided drug layout, among others. Dr. M.M. Mishra, Asst. Prof, Mathematics, Hansraj College, briefed the students about the fundamental shape of arithmetic.

On the 0.33 day, Professor Mohammed Fahim, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, an expert in Cardio-Pulmonary body structure, advised students on options and techniques for choosing a technological know-how career. It is accompanied by a lecture on “Research Advances in Plant Biotechnology and Crop Improvement” by Dr. Manoj K. Sharma, Asst. Prof, JNU.
On the 4th day, Dr. R.K. Kotnala, NPL, New Delhi, mentioned approximately the emerging area of Hydro-Electrical Cells (HECs) and demonstrated cells made in his lab. In contrast, the one’s cells lit up LED lighting by simply getting into contact with water. Prof. RM Mehra from Sharda University taught students about semiconductor physics and sun cells.

On the very last day, Prof. HS Gaur Sharda University talked about careers in agricultural technology. DST mentor Prof. P.K. Joshi, School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, addressed the scholars on “Geo-informatics for environmental management,” using far-flung sensing information from satellites. Prof. Anand Mohan, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, pointed out Geology, even as emphasizing w vital it’s fa defend the Earth’s prone soil cowl upon which our agriculture is based.

At the valedictory feature, Prof. HS Gaur (Dean SBSR, Sharda University) welcomed the Chief Guest, Prof. Ravinder Kumar (retired IGNOU). He mentioned the significance of young college students knowing the process wherein technology progresses. Quoting Thomas Kun said, “Technological know-how doesn’t progress linearly, however, in episodes that mark discontinuous jumps from one paradigm to every other. Even social sciences could qualify to be known as sciences”. Prof. RM Mehra, Prof. HS Gaur, and Prof. Ravinder Kumar distributed awards for an essay writing competition.

One of the science camp highlights was the afternoon laboratory classes, where college students enthusiastically participated in finger-on clinical activities in Sharda University laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Mathematics & Environmental Science.

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