Fans of Grey’s Anatomy have needed to take delivery of a long term ago that they may never agree one hundred% with what the writers pick out to do with their favored characters. Nobody’s perfect, no matter how a whole lot we want they were.

But many fans assume that one person mainly has gotten the worst of it in phrases of writing — Maggie. Meredith’s 1/2-sister has continually regarded a little aimless; she hasn’t gone through plenty growth over the years and we’re still no longer pretty positive in what ways we’ll see her character broaden. Can they still fix her man or woman, or is it too past due?
A short history of Maggie

Maggie Pierce entered the display at the quit of Season 10 when she interviewed for the open head of Cardiothoracic Surgery position.

She landed the task, and it was soon discovered that she becomes the child of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber, any other half-sister that Meredith by no means knew approximately.

Meredith initially had reservations about Maggie and it took a while for the two to warm up to every other.

After Derek’s demise, Meredith takes to the air to give beginning to her youngest daughter. When she returns, she sells the home that Derek constructed them and movements again into her mom’s residence, along with Maggie and Amelia.

Meredith’s sisters assist cope with her 3 youngsters, and Meredith and Maggie bond more than ever.
What is she to date?

Honestly, not a whole lot. Maggie’s love existence is riddled with sudden turns and dramatics. She dated Andrew DeLuca but insisted on keeping things mystery and once they sooner or later went public, he ended things because of the truth that she become an attending and he turned into an intern.

Then, Maggie admitted to Meredith that she had feelings for Nathan Riggs and fought with Meredith while she determined out they’d started seeing every other, which enthusiasts primarily saw as immature.

Now, Maggie has been dating Jackson for several seasons and enthusiasts have some of the reviews. Apart from the reality that Maggie and Jackson are technically step-siblings, they’ve without a doubt in no way had an awful lot of chemistry. Maggie has continually seemed a touch immature and not geared up for the complications that come with an adult relationship.

She got irritated with Jackson when he talked to every other woman. For the “baby prodigy” that she turned into, the writers have performed an awesome job making us query how smart she absolutely is.
Can the writers flip her round?

One thing that is delivered up quite a chunk is the truth that the writers love the “sister” attitude. They amazed us with Lexie Grey, Meredith’s half of-sister through her father, in advance within the display.

Bringing Maggie into the display inside the equal genuine manner seemed like a peculiar try and carry a Lexie person lower back, given that Lexie turned into such a fan favored. Even retaining Amelia, Derek’s sister, around so much has persevered to develop Meredith’s sisterhood assist group, however, lovers have lengthy considering the fact that determined that it’s all a piece too much.

With Maggie being this kind of young man or woman — she became head of her branch at handiest age 27 — it seems like it might be within the person’s satisfactory hobby to have her maintain off on her love life for a chunk. She has to recognition on her career; fans love to peer killer surgeries performed via world-class surgeons as a part of the display’s drama.

Putting Maggie’s love life at the lower back burner would assist re-center her man or woman development and maybe supply us time to comprehend her.

It’s true to see a younger female in a position of electricity, so it might be a clever move by way of the writers to begin making her more mature and assured in her function.