Stanford University announcement on Senate Bill 206

Stanford supports advancing the well-being of college pupil-athletes, along with reform offering extra flexibility regarding using their name, picture, and likeness. However, genuine development can most effectively be finished while it’s undertaken on the national level, with suitable safeguards against unintended effects.

Stanford University announcement on Senate Bill 206 1

An NCAA operating institution inspecting those troubles is predicted to file its pointers q4, and the provisions of SB 206 might now not take impact until 2023. We are hopeful that the present-day conflicts between SB 206 and NCAA bylaws might be resolved in a way that offers a rational and constant countrywide framework. We respect the governor’s dedication in his signing message to tracking these troubles and addressing any unintentional outcomes that arise.

We stand ready to paint with the NCAA, the Pac-12 Conference, California officers, and others to transport towards reform that helps our pupil-athletes and guarantees that California colleges and scholar-athletes will hold to compete and thrive in countrywide collegiate athletics.

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