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Predicament of College Education

Studying in College is the most crucial duration within the existence of a pupil. A college education is of enormous importance as for as the professional possibilities of college students are concerned. Bachelor’s degree is needed for maximum authority and personal sector jobs besides taking part in competitive assessments like KAS and IAS. As such, colleges act as launching pads wherein students set their careers in movement. Having this idealized imagination and prescient, students be a part of faculties to provide wings to their dreams, but their flight is brief-lived as they quickly recognize that the gadget is a spoilsport. Recent NAAC accreditation of diverse diploma faculties additionally endures witness to this reality as many of our faculties ended up getting a C grade. One of the criteria in NAAC is Student Support and Progression, which evaluates the efforts of an organization to offer necessary assistance to students, to enable them to collect significant experiences for studying on the campus and facilitate their holistic improvement and progression. Almost all our colleges scored poorly in this crucial aspect, making our gadget a crippled one.

Predicament of College Education 1
We want a method to ensure that we improve our tutorial general to compete at the countrywide and global level. Our schools have paintings as facilitation centers where our students should use their abilities, potentials, and talents. While analyzing our college education, I feel that our college students have sufficient ability to excel in their respective fields. Our school rooms are not attractive. The world has changed a lot within the remaining hundred years, so have the wishes, mindset, aptitude, and desires of college students.

Unfortunately, our classrooms have witnessed the most effective alternate, which is from blackboard to whiteboard. Whiteboard on my own is not sufficient in this period of generation and internet, but have to be supplicated with the aid of cutting-edge devices like holograms, clever tables, android boards, etc., to cater to the desires of the current pupil. Traditional attendance systems wasting 10-15 mins in lecture rooms should be replaced with biometric gadgets. The content material being taught in colleges is out of date and old. It has to be related to the wishes and dreams of the students, which means it should be related to existence. Education has to reflect the moral and intellectual values of society. The academic and expert courses must be extra beneficial and various to fulfill the wishes of students.

After creating the semester machine in 2015 with the aid of Kashmir University, we have exam ruled machine, and people who are appropriate in regurgitation of information are doing properly. The scope for nurturing expertise and potential remains a dream given the geographic and political situations that are successful in this sector.

In 2016 Kashmir University determined to take away the marks connected with college students’ attendance in the classroom, which led to unheard-of the upward push of unexcused absence of students in faculties at the undergraduate level. This step from varsity is now not going to assist the students because it has given them the volition to bunk their instructions as and once they desire. Students who spend most time outdoor in the school rooms aren’t probably to achieve lecturers. It is impossible for the instructor and class to build their talents and progress if a huge range of college students is continuously absent. Further, they’re likely to get into trouble with the regulation and order problems we witness from the final three to four years.

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