New & Noteworthy, From Prison Writing to Quitting God

A SINGLE THREAD, by Tracy Chevalier. (Viking, $27.) Set in the Nineteen Thirties, Chevalier’s new novel follows a woman whose fiancé died in World War I and who finds a sense of networking some of the guilds of needlewomen embroidering kneelers for the pews at one of Britain’s notable cathedrals.

THESE BOYS AND THEIR FATHERS: A Memoir, via Don Waters. (the University of Iowa, paper, $17.) The creator turned into three while his father abandoned their circle of relatives. This memoir explores the “disgrace, confusion, and anger” that resulted and works toward the expertise of own family, fatherhood, and masculinity.

ME & OTHER WRITING, by Marguerite Duras. Translated by using Olivia Baes and Emma Ramadan. (Dorothy, paper, $16.) Essays, aphorisms, and other eclectic nonfiction from one of the twentieth century’s extremely good thinkers and prose stylists. “There isn’t any happiness,” she writes, “other than that of intelligence.”

OUTGROWING GOD: A Beginner’s Guide, by way of Richard Dawkins. (Random House, $27.) Dawkins, many of the nicely-recognized “new atheists,” was 15 when he stopped believing in God. Here, he explains why others ought to follow fit.


YOU DON’T KNOW ME: The Incarcerated Women of York Prison Voice Their Truths, edited by Wally Lamb. (Counterpoint, $26.) A fine-promoting novelist, the Lamb, additionally teaches writing at a Connecticut ladies’ jail. This e-book gathers personal essays from 15 of his students.

Do you wake up in the morning and study your telephone? Try the following exercise rather. Breathe deeply for 3 seconds. Hold it for four. Then exhale for 5 seconds and repeat. This is called the three-four-5 Breath, one of the best pointers Rangan Chatterjee, a popular British health practitioner, recommends in today’s e-book, THE STRESS SOLUTION. We all realize that junk food and a lack of exercise contribute to negative fitness. But Chatterjee explores the science linking persistent pressure — something few folks recognize a way to cope with — to untimely aging, coronary heart disease, irritation, and other ailments. He additionally affords strategies to loosen up. Among them are adopting a mindfulness habit, optimizing sleep, reducing social media addiction, and cultivating friendships. But my favorite is his advice to undertake a relaxing morning ordinary. I’ve begun ignoring Twitter every morning and training the three-4-5 Breath rather. I can sense the benefits already.

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