LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Imagine looking for a marijuana-associated job and then getting prepared in your interview on an app?

It’s possible now! A Las Vegas man co-based an app called Can-Ed that will help you analyze greater approximately the multi-billion dollar industry and the way to land the gig you need.

Jason Sturstman did now not want to be too blunt but tells13 Action News, not all people can paintings in the inexperienced industry due to the fact working in a dispensary calls for a lot of understanding.

“Extremely tough and competitive,” Sturstman says.

That’s why he co-created Can-Ed; it is an app first of its kind, he claims it’ll assist you to get educated with certified guides.

“‘[It will help with] the way to get a activity within the cannabis industry. The neat factor too is, you turn your phone to the facet and then get [watch] a few remarkable training,” Sturstman says.

After looking at numerous video instructions, then you take the quizzes, Sturstman says, will guarantee you a certificate to work inside the hashish enterprise.”

The entrepreneur and marijuana propose believes that “education and networking” are the two ways to get a task within the hashish enterprise.

He believes a powerful worker desires to be able to communicate and recognize what the rules are in Nevada, and the science in the back of the plant and the various merchandise.

One neighborhood business that favors the app is Acres Dispensary.

Nate Hinckley is the assistant supervisor, he admits to 13 Action News maximum job candidates don’t have the expertise required.

“The need for personal sales revel in is massive however locating a person that knows how to geek-out on the science stop of it as well as enjoys the income thing of it,” Hinckley says.

Hinckley prefers his personnel as a way to recognize a way to serve distinctive customers who all save with distinctive needs.

“From scientific all the way to a person who is recreational,” Hinckley says. He hopes the app helps the network and future activity applicants to get well knowledgeable.

Can-ed has several capabilities, it is not only for task-seekers. It recommends approaches dad and mom can talk to their kids, relying on their age, about being a cannabis person.

“It gives you all the information about marijuana science, how the products have an effect on you, perhaps you just want a little little bit of background on a number of the compliances,” Sturstman says.

He too hopes the Can-Ed facilitates to get the proper statistics out as there are already too many misconceptions about the plant and its use.