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How uLektz Created An AI-Powered Ecosystem To Personalise Higher Education For Students

Technology-led disruptions have helped India kick off development in many spheres. Still, if it’s to hold at an unabated tempo, the Indian marketplace must address gaping holes in its journey toward growth.

One of the massive gaps is within the education region, particularly in better Education and ability development needs for the workforce in a digital economy. Looking past number one training, the largest problems, including talent improvement for brand-spanking new-age technologies and high-quality digital better Education, are being solved via startups within the edtech region.

According to Datalabs, with the aid of Inc42, India becomes home to 3,500 edtech startups till 2018 — investment in these 182 startups exceeds $1.34 Bn. With established players, BYJU, and upgrades, the issues in better technology, technology, engineering, and arithmetic (STEM) Education are being addressed.

How uLektz Created An AI-Powered Ecosystem To Personalise Higher Education For Students 1

But the issue of fragmentation nonetheless exists, and rookies and educators are pressured to adopt multiple systems and services with distinctive user studies and incompatible features. They also want to spend on character subscription charges for every one of these systems, which might frequently be now not comprehensive and sufficient. That’s why edtech platform Lentz has taken the environment approach to carry a novel integrated software suite for students, instructors, and faculty.

In simple phrases, uLektz seeks to create an environment of better Education that gives a one-stop answer for all of the needs of higher schooling stakeholders. Lentz, which claims to provide an AI-primarily based 360-degree technique in the direction of higher schooling, was founded in 2016 using Sadiq Sait M.S and Ratnakumar Bikkani, who’ve approximately two decades of revel in the running with many colleges, universities, and educational publishers international.

By leveraging the worldwide revel in and know-how in schooling generation, uLektz is based on addressing unemployment and underemployment of sparkling graduates in India. Besides imparting a seamlessly included suite of software program applications for higher training, uLektz enables college students and educators across establishments for peer training. It additionally gives schools and universities a SaaS-primarily based educational ERP for learning and campus control to promote digital Education and remedy the vital demanding situations of better schooling.

For its first three years, uLektz focused on building the platform and trying out its answer for a market in shape. But even in this trying-out phase, Leitz onboarded over 300K customers from over 200 schools and universities without advertising, Sadiq advised Inc42.

The Story Behind Lentz

Having worked at SaaS unicorn Zoho, Sadiq gained a deep understanding and commercial enterprise acumen of SaaS products. His passion for Education pushed him to emerge as an edtech consultant, and through this stint, he worked with many colleges, universities, and training publishers out of doors in India.

But while recruiting graduates for engineering roles, he realized that many have been not employable and did not have the primary know-how or abilties for the activity. Inspired by Zoho’s enterprise model of providing a collection of SaaS-primarily based merchandise for organizations, he constructed uLektz supplying Saas-based products for better training. Besides that, uLektz additionally includes a marketplace that aggregates numerous virtual resources for schooling, talents, and careers from specific edtech organizations and offers them to its users based totally on their profile and possibilities.

Joining him turned his former company at AEL Data Services, Ratnakumar Bikkani, who became an investor and co-founder. Bikini is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of revel in Avionics, republishing, and Education.

The concept behind uLektz was to put it as LinkedIn for higher training, but it goes beyond the social networking aspects of the Microsoft-owned platform.

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