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How to Become a Host on Blooket?

While children might be little bundles of joy and the greatest things on the planet with their little people laugh, tiny fingers, and those adorable cheeks, grooming them into educated children and adults is enough to cause a grown man several nightmares. 

And for a teacher who chooses to educate said little terrors as their lifetime career, they need all the help they can get. Introduce Blooket, a platform for game-based learning that provides engaging gameplay and many teacher customizations.


What is Blooket?

A learning tool with gamification capabilities called Blooket is a colorful multi-purpose application. This combines quiz-style questions and answers with engaging skill games that students can play while answering the questions.

Blooket mixes a digital game in the form of a quiz with character-based gameplay to train students.

There are a lot of questions and answers that are already pre-populated, but teachers can also make their own. The quiz can be finished in class or elsewhere using a student’s device.

Unlike other quiz-style learning platforms, this one includes a more conventional game played after collecting points in the questions and answers section. It makes for much learning, pleasure, and a ridiculously straightforward method.

Because Blooket is web-based and useable on almost any device, it is perfect for children at home or in the classroom. The teacher can guide the test or leave it to the students. Players can choose from a range of visually engaging game types to pass the time between the quiz portions of the learning sessions.

The point system, reward structure, and character advancement are similar to the sophisticated, challenging games children may already play on their smartphones. The teacher may select one group to compete against the other students in these games, which can be played solo or in groups.

Pros of Using Blooket

A platform as colorful and quirky as it sounds, Blooket is an immersive learning medium that helps in keeping the kids hooked on what the teacher or the host is trying to teach them.

With fun little quizzes, colorful images, and ringing sounds and encouragement, it is no wonder children like this. The multi-sensory teaching method also helps cement the concepts in the children’s minds. 

Due to its many uses, Blooket is a fantastic tool to utilize in the classroom. It can be used for homework, review, or even as a light-hearted approach to introduce new information. Even from home, it’s simple for students to access. And it’s an excellent technique to keep students interested in their studies.

Additionally, the results page offers useful information that may be used to monitor student development and spot problem areas. To maintain skills and minimize the need for test preparation in the spring, it’s also perfect for putting up review games.

And what’s more? It is a free website providing instructional games for practice and review. The games are arranged according to theme, grade level, and subject. Use pre-made alternatives from other teachers or build your stuff. Additionally, there are leaderboards and prizes to encourage friendly competition.

Blooket makes it incredibly simple to create games for review, formative assessments, math facts practice, and more as a teacher.

Hosting a Quiz on Blooket Step-by-Step

So, the shorter version goes something like this. 

Creating a free account is simple by entering your email address or syncing with Google. You can log in from there and go directly to your dashboard to use a pre-made set of questions or create your own.

What To Do

Decide on a Question Set.

We are confident that you will have the ideal set for your class, whether you develop your own question set, import one with our converter tools, or find one in our Discover database.

Choose a game mode.

Students will always have a wide selection of interesting game options. Keep a watch out for time-limited seasonal and event modes as well.

Host & Join

Students join in and compete on their own devices using the Game ID once the teacher hosts a game on a big screen in front of the class.

Play to Review

In addition to having a blast during a game session, students will answer questions to recap the material taught in class.

Examine the Findings

Teachers can readily see how their students are performing and pinpoint areas they might need to review again with the help of detailed score reports and question analysis.

Teachers can quickly and easily create a free account at Blooket (opens in a new tab) with simply their email address. Using completely original constructs or pre-built questions, games can be made soon. In any situation, teachers can provide each student a code for the game, enabling them to sign up whenever they choose.

The quiz component of Blooklet has a question with a huge color block indicating the possible answers. For students of all levels, this makes deciding on a course of action and moving forward straightforward. Before moving on to the following questions, solutions can be used in the game once points have been earned.

Learning Activities on Blooket

When you host a game on, all your pupils participate in a group game session at once. This live session encourages healthy competition among classmates. You can easily monitor student participation and development. You can even decide if students receive points individually or in teams.

Until all questions have been addressed or the allotted time has passed, whichever comes first, the game will continue. Then you may decide whether you want your room to be public or private and establish a password. Anyone with the URL can join if it is shared. Only the students you invite may participate if it is personal.

You’ll be able to gauge each student’s performance after the game is over. You can either keep these results private or present them to your class. If you want to play with the same set again, make a new game!

Blooket Code: What is it?

A teacher or presenter selects a question set and a special game mode, which is how it works. We then produce a code that players can enter to join the game on their devices. Players will respond to questions after the game has begun to assist them in winning.

Good Luck!

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