AP Grama secretariat jobs revised exam schedule launched

Amaravati: The officials have adjusted the examination dates of the Grama/Ward secretariat secretaries’ posts.AP Grama secretariat jobs revised exam schedule launched 1
The Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department Chief Secretary, Gopalakrishna Dwivedi, announced that the agenda of checks had been modified after receiving feedback from candidates.
In a Twitter message, Dwivedi tweeted that Engineering Assistant (Grade 2) and Ward Amenities Secretary (Grade 2) examinations scheduled on September 1 have been postponed to September 7. The Ward Sanitation and Environment Secretary examination is modified from morning to afternoon on September eight (equal day). In the statement, Dwivedi said there aren’t any changes inside the closing checks timetable.

After the modifications made by using the officials, the examinations may be hung on the following dates;
Panchayat Secretary (Grade 5), Mahila police and Women and Child Welfare Assistant / Ward ladies and weaker sections protection Secretary (Female), Welfare and Education Assistant, Ward Administrative Secretary – 01-09-2019 (Morning).

Village Revenue Officer (Grade 2), Village Surveyor (Grade three), Village Agriculture Assistant (Grade 2), Village Horticulture Assistant, Village fisheries Assistant, Panchayat Secretary (Grade 6) Digital Assistant, Animal Husbandry Assistant, ANM/Ward Health Secretary (Grade three) (Female), Village Sericulture Assistant – 01-09-2019 (Afternoon).
Engineering Assistant (Grade 2), Ward Amenities Secretary (Grade 2) – 07-09-2019 (Morning).
Ward Planning & Regulation Secretary (Grade 2), Ward Welfare & Development Secretary (Grade 2) – 08-09-2019 (Morning).
Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary, Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary (Grade 2) – 08-09-2019 (Afternoon).

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