A teen amazed his life-long great buddy with a homecoming invitation

(CNN)David Cowan and Saris Garcia, both high-faculty students with Down syndrome, have regarded each other for over a decade.
Last week, the two went viral with a homecoming inspiration video that changed considered tens of millions of times. Their families say they may be pleased the unique moment has reached such a lot.
“Their love is real; the relationship is real,” the households said in an email. “We need people to understand that they’re just like different couples, fall in love, and want a fulfilling life. Down syndrome does not limit them.”

The candy marvel became captured on September 26, like Garcia, an 11th grader and cheerleader at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida, changed into cheering for a school soccer recreation.
Her boyfriend, Cowan, a 12th grader at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida, changed into in the bleachers, simply waiting to pop the question.
“He becomes so excited and dancing in the bleachers,” Garcia’s mom, Wanda Cruz, and Cowan’s mother, Marilyn Cowan, stated in their joint email.

A teen amazed his life-long great buddy with a homecoming invitation 1
They met each differently in a speech therapy elegance. However, misplaced contact after the Cowans briefly moved away in 2004. Months later, both were enrolled in the equal faculty and reunited.
“(Their) friendship and dating just blossomed,” their mothers said.
The two have a “special connection,” their families say, participating in county Special Olympics and staying lively through multiple sports like swimming and surfing. “As they got older, their dating grew, and that is once they expressed their feelings (and showed) how lots they care for every different.”

Garcia failed to recognize approximately the inspiration. Her response became priceless, their moms stated.
“She became radiant! She stated many times, ‘I cannot trust it!’ They were each so excited! The crowd is cheering for them! And the quality element turned into the guide and love from her cheer squad,” they said.
On Saturday, the couple, dressed in the military, headed to the Seminole High School dance as their buddies cheered them on. “The spotlight of the dance turned into when the foremost at Seminole High supplied them as the unique couple guest, and the kids went loopy cheering for them,” their mothers said.

“Our hearts are overflowing with all of the calls, comments, textual content, love, and support we are receiving,” their moms said. “We are proud that both schools provide a fine guide and inclusion experience for them to be successful.”

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