UP School Terms 9-Year-Old Child “Characterless” To Punish Him

Gonda, Uttar Pradesh:

In a bid to punish a nine-yr-antique for complaining against his instructor, a school in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district has certified the kid “characterless” in his transfer certificates (TC) which could diminish his admission to every other college and break his future, a discern stated.
According to reports, the Class Five pupil of a primary faculty had quarreled with some of his classmates final month. For which a trainer allegedly thrashed the boy.

UP School Terms 9-Year-Old Child "Characterless" To Punish Him 1
When the boy’s dad and mom lodged a grievance against the teacher with the faculty major, the latter refused to act.
Over the inactivity, the mother and father threatened to withdraw their baby from the faculty.
When they asked the man to issue the transfer certificates, they were in for a surprise. In the TC, the foremost termed the boy “characterless” while describing the boy underneath the unique column.
The parents alleged that the school control had issued this kind of TC to punish the boy for complaining to the instructor.
“With this remark on the switch certificates, my son will no longer be admitted to another college. The essential has performed with the destiny of my toddler,” the distraught father said.

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