How Natalia Bajak Hacked Her Internship

Since starting this blog, I shared many of my thoughts about careers inside the new global of labor and why an entrepreneurial technique is fundamental to life to tell the tale and thrive. How questioning like an enterprise unit is the first-rate manner, I realize to perform in these days’ paintings and business surroundings.

Working with many international abilties in Israel, and especially with “Olim” (folks that made “Aliyah” – new immigrants) and members of programs which include Masa Israel Journey, Onward Israel, and others, I directed lots of my recommendations for this community – from the way to higher search for a job and leveraged your particular, introduced price, through what is the name of the game opportunity of your internship and what is the most critical aspect to do whilst taking an internship, to how your internship is probably to act, and lots of more…

How Natalia Bajak Hacked Her Internship 1

But, not anything beats listening to it from others. This time, I am glad to have Natalia Bajak, who I became honored to mentor whilst she participated in a submit-college 4-month lengthy Masa software.

Natalia, tell us a touch bit approximately your story?

My call is Natalia, from Poland; I do an online performance for a corporation known as Talent Alpha. We evolved a platform that allows organization customers to get admission to a larger skills pool and the first-rate IT expertise in Central and Eastern Europe. I studied economics in London and traveled, volunteered, and lived in New York, Mexico, Africa, and more. So sure, I love touring. I first got here in Israel in 2018 as a researcher at Tel Aviv University. I had a brilliant time and kind of fell in love with Israel. When my paintings in Israel turned over, my Professor told me about Masa Israel Journey to return lower back and spend more time here whilst still advancing my profession. And so, in February 2019, I got here returned, this time with Destination Israel’s Masa software. I did enterprise development for an Israeli begin-up, and in June, I came back to Poland and joined Talent Alpha in July.

What changed into your original motivation to sign up for an internship software in Israel?

The revel in I had at Tel Aviv University. I even have met quite a few humans that come to be my high-quality pals. As someone who’s now not Jewish, I learned approximately the Jewish way of life, way of life, and history. After that time, one of the professors at the university informed me: “Natalia, I see you love Israel a lot, and Israel loves you. Let’s think about coming back here!” That’s how I heard approximately Masa. I had remarkable high motivation to come back again, along with finding a nice answer for my professional development.

What was the toughest moment for your adventure with regards to your connection to Israel?

Israel is absolutely extraordinary than the relaxation of the world. As someone from Poland who lived inside the US, Mexico, and the UK – this land is much extra stressful and difficult. But – also very friendly and casual. People I actually have met in Israel deal with me like a family member, and I found out that I sense right here at domestic. As you recognize, existence is unpredictable. Subsequently, after my Masa enjoy, although I wanted to live and become willing to sacrifice for that – I determined to move back to Poland. It was tough for me to mention goodbye to people I love and the united states that greatly impacted my existence.

What helped you the most to conquer this challenging second?

I would even say that close to the stop of my Masa software – I virtually had a private crisis. I thought that every one of my plans has been ruined and felt like destroying something beautiful. Eventually, I found out that with all my love for Israel, “not staying there right now” isn’t the end of the world, and my entire future is beforehand of me. Not only that, maybe “forcing” Israel on my life and career course now, even supposing it does not come clear, and just because “I want it now” – is not the right thing for me. Thanks to the properly mentoring I acquired, I focused on my lengthy terms desires and understood that I would discover a manner to contain Israel with them. That is perhaps the right way to do it. So, I bet what helped me the most changed into having someone to speak to, percentage worries, and attitude.

Speaking of your lengthy-time period goals – where will we find you in 10 years?

Well, perhaps in Israel… however, extra importantly, I deeply care approximately the social effect. I am also a totally innovative individual. So, I wager I will take my entrepreneurial free spirit and do something that entails empowering people and advancing social trade. Where ever it will likely be. But, Israel will continually have a place in my coronary heart.

What is your pleasant, professional advice for a gifted young expert who remembers collaborating in Israel’s career and internship software?

First of all, you have to think about your profession and future goals and if this system applies to your expectations. Of course, you may effortlessly come to Israel and feature your lifestyles playing volleyball on the beach and exit each night time. But, if this is the case, be honest with yourself that this is what you’re coming for, and don’t expect something else. I am saying this only because I’ve met so many international abilities who participated in Masa applications. After their applications ended, lots of them realized that they just wasted treasured time on an extended excursion. And yes, they had a lot of fun; however, their first goal was to study loads, benefit from new abilities, and get the desired process. And when it didn’t occur, when you consider that they did not do something about it, they have been blaming mother and father, their Jewish Federation, Masa, their boss…. In my opinion, taking part in the program is an exceptional opportunity for your professional course. However, you want to set your priorities on the way to get as lots as you could from this possibility. That is why it’s correct to have someone to help you all through this manner, like a mentor who’s concerned from the start and who may be capable that will help you fully maximize the cost out of this opportunity.

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