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In December 2017, the pinnacle of the Electronics Department at my college forwarded an email to the students which stated that eTrans Solutions Private Limited changed into seeking out an intern to work on its new NVR project. The organization has a full-fledged embedded structures lab in Kolkata, in which it designs GPS devices and customizes RF and ePOS technologies. It was the best possibility for me to seize my first technical internship, so I asked the HOD to ahead my resume.

Once the preliminary screening changed into completed, a face-to-face interview became scheduled with the heads of the Research and Development, and the Software and Firmware departments. There were moments in the course of the interview whilst my anxiety kicked up, and I felt as though I turned into a historic Greek amphitheater, not understanding which aspect the assaults could come from! They asked me all varieties of questions ranging from hardware to coding issues. They requested me which area I might be interested in paintings in, and I expressed my interest in embedded programming. They inquired approximately my know-how of C and C++ programming and asked me to write down some quick pieces of code. They also requested questions associated with analog and virtual electronics in conjunction with electromagnetic principle.

The interview went quite nicely, however, a blow landed after they informed me that they desired interns to join without delay. I turned into dejected due to the fact I become looking for a summer season internship and concept that I’d need to look for every other internship despite the fact that I had my coronary heart set in this. I became sure that my dream of doing a commercial technical internship would should be placed on keep, but, two days later, I were given an e-mail from the Human Resources saying that I’d been decided on for his or her summer season internship and I could be working on ‘Sensor Integration’ in NVR. I waited eagerly for my semester to give up; I changed into demise to have the ability to say, “I may be overdue for the workplace! Gotta move!” Finally, it became my first day, and I changed into experiencing an entire variety of feelings by the point I reached the workplace. With combined feelings of anxiousness, pleasure, and fear, I started out my day with a PIC microcontroller that needed to be programmed. I drew a clean; I became only a second-yr student who couldn’t even inform the difference among a microcontroller and microprocessor. I requested my manager for assist and studied the concepts of microcontrollers the whole day. I tried to glean all the essential data I should from the internet, and via the end of the day, I correctly programmed PIC for LED blinking.

I was the youngest man or woman at paintings, and to begin with, I felt barely awkward however all people there was extraordinarily warm and welcoming, so I settled in easily. During my internship, I was a part of numerous projects and had a concrete fingers-on getting to know revel in with the opportunities that the sector of electronics offers. I worked at the GPS-IoT platform usually and integrated the host of sensors (like temperature, humidity, infrared, strain, and many others.) to gather exclusive parameters, involved with property in numerous paperwork, to improve and manage the assets’ existence cycles. I additionally tested a soil sensor which calculated the share of moisture inside the soil. My final task becomes about interfacing a GPS Module with ARM Cortex. This internship made me gifted in working with PIC microcontrollers, ARM Cortex-M3, GPS Quectel L80 module, and smart playing cards. I won a variety of know-how about embedded programming and improved my competencies as a C programmer. In reality, by using the quit of the 2 months of my internship, I changed into able to discover the latitude and longitude of a place and music someone appropriately.

The work lifestyle at eTrans became simply splendid. There was no paintings pressure and anybody become eager to help each other. I don’t forget an instance once I couldn’t properly parse the GPS records on my ARM Cortex and I was operating on a closing date. Seeing me warfare with this, the head of the IT department helped me locate the error in my code. The final week of my internship turned into fantastically emotional for me; I wasn’t willing to go away to those surroundings however all appropriate things do come to a cease, and so did my internship. On my closing day, then dealing with the director provided me a PPO.

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