English Education for Students

COLOMBO (News 1st):- A key coverage of successive governments of Sri Lanka because the 1950s has been the coaching of English as a 2nd language in colleges. In the present day context of globalization, technological advancement and the development of a present-day and various labor market, the usage of English language abilities is regarded as […]

Mother-tongue language education

According to UNICEF, youngsters whose first language is a local language are some distance more likely to be excluded from schooling than youngsters who had been raised in a rustic’s countrywide language. And in the event that they do make it to school, youngsters with a nearby language mother tongue get poorer check ratings than […]

Boosting English Language Education

Online studying is speedy gaining reputation in the international of education, but there’s a unique sort of online learning this is regularly forgotten. It’s something a clearly big number of younger humans in Saudi Arabia spend their time using: social media. In a country which has the best penetration of Twitter users within the global […]

Languages schooling in Australia

It’s no secret that languages education in Australia needs a serious makeover. Our very terrible song document in languages education has been getting worse. A simple Google search is enough to see the frustration of people dedicated to language schooling. Some remarks in reaction to articles suggesting that it desires to be stepped forward additionally […]

Mandarin instructor sees interest leap

When Angeline Tan began coaching Mandarin at an Auckland number one school 3 years ago, there have been most effective about 80 students inquisitive about learning one of the global’s maximum famous languages. Today, interest has swelled, with approximately a hundred and eighty kids gaining knowledge of, joining tens of millions globally who are mastering […]

Language, schooling and federalism

Addis Abeba, September 05/2019 – In some societies, every dispute becomes an ethnic dispute. Ethiopia is increasingly turning into one such society. The emotionally charged debate on the proposed roadmap on schooling is a recent instance of an unlucky situation in which matters like education that might have been debated upon from special perspectives are […]